Information about  excursions

Also we can prepare you a small professional tour inside the excursion, where you can visit a place linked to your profession, for example, if you are teaches you can visit a school, if you are doctors or nurses, you can visit a hospital and so on!!!

Soroa Viñales

Here you will see the most beautiful scenery in Cuba and you are going to visit the viewpoint, the mural of the prehistoric, a farm of tobacco, the Viñales town and the Indian´s Caves where you can navigate by a river.


Terrazas Viñales

This tour is recommended if you want to know a small community with a  development Project. Later you are going to visit the natural park Soroa. There is a waterfall of 23 meters high and natural swimming pools where you can take a dip. Also you can visit the largest botanic garden that has to do with orchids In Cuba and take a hike to the mountains.


Zapata's Swamp

Here you will visit the biggest swamp in the

Caribbean islands and you are going to visit a breeding ground of crocodiles, a replica of a native inhabitant’s town, the treasure lake, if you want to dive, we can stop at Fish´s Caves. You can go to Larga or Giron beach as well and finally you can visit the museum of the invasion in Bay of Pigs




Cuba's Middle

We make this tour in two days and. The first day you are going to visit the city of Cienfuegos, here you are going to know the Boulevard, the central square, the seafront and the bay. Next you are going to visit Trinidad. In this town you are going to see the historic part of the city, where is the major square, the former Saint Francis of The Assisi Convent, the Jigue Square and out of this area the Central Square. That day you are going to sleep in Trinidad in colonial houses with private rooms. Also we are going to recommend you very good restaurants where you can have you lunch and dinner and where you can watch good shows. The following day you are going to visit the Iznaga´s farm and tower and the Santa Clara city, where you can know the Che Guevara's Square, the central park and the armored train museum.