Information about  excusions

Also we can prepare you a small professional tour inside the excursion, where you can visit a place linked to your profession, for example, if you are teaches you can visit a school, if you are doctors or nurses, you can visit a hospital and so on!!!

Historical Havana

During this excursion you are going to know the architecture of some places like: the Central Park Square, the Capitol, The Great Theater, Prado Avenue, Bishop's Street, La Floridita and Bodeguita del Medio Bars, as well as the Cathedral, the Arms, Saint Francis of the Assisi and Old squares. This tour is more developed in Old Havana Municipality!!!

Old Havana

This second excursion you are going to visit some of those places: Museum of the Revolution, the Chinatown, the Queen Avenue, the Jesús Christ’s Heart Church, the Fraternity Square, Saint Rafael Street, the

Harbor and the main remains of the wall of Havana. On the whole, this excursion is carried out in Center Havana Municipality.

Tobbaco and Rum

 Likewise we can organize an excursion called following the traces of Rum and Cigars, where you visit a factory of cigars, the museum of Tobacco and the museum of Rum, as well as different emblematic bars like La Bodeguita del Medio, La Floridita and Dos Hermanos, and others with less history but very popular nowadays.



Modern Havana


The third excursion is in the modern-outskirt areas of Havana and here you will see a very different city in relation to the old part of it. However this area is actually interesting because it is an urban zone stopped in time, but the Cubans call the modern part, due to the most important urban center of the city is located here. Therefore you will know a lot of striking stories!!! During this tour you are going to visit Fusterlandia community, the Revolution Square, the most popular intersection in Havana, the 5th Avenue in Miramar Neighborhood, the National Hotel or the Museum Hotel, the University of Havana, The President's and Paseo Avenue, the Seafront and more things!!!